Usaburo Japanese Kokeshi Doll, Yuji The Ronin

Traditional kokeshi dolls originated in northern Japan during the middle of the Edo period around 300 years ago. It is said that artisans who were skilled in woodworking began crafting these hand-carved and painted wooden dolls to sell to people who were visiting the many hot springs in the region. These traditional kokeshi dolls were usually made of a cylindrical, slender piece of wood with a round head. The body of the doll was usually painted with a floral design and the head with thin lines to resemble a face. Kokeshi doll artisans followed this orthodox design for several centuries. In the mid-1940’s, a new type of kokeshi crafting began to emerge that allowed the craftsperson more freedom in creating different shapes and designs, as well as using different paint colors. One of the leading craftsmen of this kokeshi revival was Usaburo Okamoto. Usaburo Okamoto, the founder of Usaburo Kokeshi in Gunma Prefecture, began making kokeshi dolls in 1950. Over time, Usaburo Okamoto not only expressed himself through his craft by using many different shapes, styles and colors, but he also pioneered new production methods to help modernize the art of kokeshi crafting. He remains one of the most well respected kokeshi artisans to this day.

PGA TOUR Men’s Golf Airflux Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

A crisp, solid-colored polo versatile enough to be worn on and off the course should be part of any golfer’s performance gear collection. The PGA TOUR men’s golf airflux short sleeve polo shirt is both handsome and tough thanks to performance features like sunflux solar protective barrier, airflux breathable fabric, PGA TOUR dry moisture absorption and control, plus smooth and effortless maintenance courtesy of easy care.

Carpenter, 9’x12′, 1/2′ Visco- Elastic Memory Foam, Spillguard DuPont Barrier Rug Pad

Glacier 1/2′ Visco-Elastic Memory Foam/Rebond pad by CARPENTER. Enviro Step carpet cushion technology. This cushion can be easily cut down with sharp scissors. This pad is made in 6′ wide goods only. We can put it together with carpet tape to make any width and length needed. Premium rebond cushion made in the USA by Carpenter. CRI green label for air quality assurance. Reduces impact noise to make homes quieter. Insulates floors to help resist energy loss. ORGANIC POLYOL. Ozone friendly. CRI green label certified for air quality standards. This is a full 1/2′ pad. Spillguard barrier technology. Spillguard moisture barrier prevents spills and accidents from penetrating the cushion, so they can be blotted from the carpet quickly and easily. Spillguard utilizes DuPont Active Layer RS renewably sourced moisture barrier film, which contains a minimum of 20% renewably sourced ingredients by weight. Visco-Elastic Memory Foam redistributes weight and surface pressure for the ultimate in comfort. DuPont Renewably-sourced Materials. Ozone friendly. Soft Slip technology. This product is 100% recyclable. The right choice for your home. The right choice for the environment. 1/2′ MEMORY FOAM PADDING.

Brocato Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Shampoo 10oz and Treatment 5.25Oz

Brocato Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Shampoo 10 Oz and Miracle Repair Treatment 5.25 oz Shampoo: Is a strengthening and reparative shampoo that nourishes and restores damaged, weak and vulnerable hair. Treatment: Is a nutrient-rich, strengthening and conditioning treatment that instantly nourishes, strengthens and restores damaged, weak and vulnerable hair.

Orange Tabby Cat Door stop, Decorative Door Stopper, Interior

Gabby’s soft sculpture doorstops are all individually silk-screened on 100% cotton with organic, eco-friendly pigments and then hand sewn for lasting quality, plus they’re soft so they won’t mar your doors or stub unprotected toes! Weighted with plastic pellets, this sharp Orange Tabby sits upright and alert!

Diane and Geordi Boxers Colombianos Geordi 5175 Men’s Long Boxer Briefs Maximum Comfort Underwear

Boxers Diane and Geordi perfectly fits your body Giving maximum comfort that an undergarment can give. This Colombian underwear is especially design to keep everything in its place, while helping to keep skin fresh, they are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. This Colombian boxers come in different colors and lengths to be used with any kind of pants, both casual and formal. The men boxer bundle allows you to get the best out of your money, getting a high quality and lasting garment.Los Boxers Diane and Geordi se ajustan cómodamente al cuerpo Brindando el máximo confort que una prenda íntima pueda ofrecer. Esta ropa interior colombiana está diseñada especialmente para mantener todo en su lugar, mientras ayuda a tener fresca la piel, ya que están hechos con 95% Algodón y 5% Spandex. Estos boxers colombianos vienen en diferentes colores y largos para ser usados con cualquier pantalón tanto casual como de vestir. Los combos de ropa interior masculina te permiten sacar el mejor provecho de tu dinero, obteniendo una prenda de alta calidad y durabilidad. This item can not be returned. Health Regulations do not allow us to accept returns on this type of underwear.