Infinity Jars 100 Ml (3.4 fl oz) Black Ultraviolet Glass Slow Pour Bottle 3-Pack

Package Quantity:3 | Size:100 ml We think we are selling the World’s Best Jars (Amazon customers agree), and you happen to be looking at one of our best sellers. What makes Infinity Jars so great? Starting with what you see, our aesthetically-stunning high-quality, heavy-duty black glass exterior shimmers ultraviolet when held up to light and is topped by a BPA free plastic slow pour lid. The biggest factor for the popularity of our 100 ml glass slow pour bottle is it’s performance and versatility. Airtight and leak proof? Check, takes just a quick twist of the wrist. Smell proof? Check, confirmed by a myriad of commentors, it will preserve aroma. Light proof? Yes, this is what really sets us apart. All Infinity Jars glass is designed in a lab (after years of rigorous research) with the specific intent to prevent light from degrading whatever is inside. Our ultraviolet glass not only looks sleek and sexy, it protects organic matter better than anything else on the market by refracting all visible light rays while permitting beneficial non-visible UVA (black light) and infrared light to pass. That’s a sciency way of saying the glass is optimized to utilize the power of light for good. This style provides the ultimate storage for 100 ml of anything: facial cleansers, perfumes, cleaning solutions, essential oils and almost anything else for a kitchen or bathroom. If you’re a DIY-type or know one, this is the ultimate storage weapon, protecting precious contents more efficiently and preventing degradation for longer. It’s gorgeous, modern, and like nothing you’ve ever seen. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! ‘The Infinity Jars 30-day-guarantee!’ We’ve decided to put the risk on us! If you don’t see the preservation you expected, or the jar just didn’t work for you within 30 days of using our jars, simply send us an email and we’ll refund your order (minus shipping). No questions asked! Listing includes 3 jars and 6 Infinity Jars self-labels.

Durable, Reversible 8′ X 10′ ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pad for Hard Surfaces and Carpet

Extend the life of your rug with a ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pad. ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pads are a premium reversible, non-slip rug pad designed for all types of floors such as hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, concrete and all floors. Place ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pad’s natural textured rubber side down to keep your rugs in place over hard surfaces, or reverse the product and use it on rug-to-carpet applications to keep rugs flat. In either case, ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pad’s extra dense cushion provides luxury underfoot, keeps your rugs securely in place, and prolongs the life of your area rugs. ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pads are guaranteed not to mar, stain, or discolor floors or carpet. ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pads can be easily cut to size with scissors and are made in the USA. of 100% Rubber and 100% Felt. ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pads are 45 ounces and approximately 1/4” thick. Genuine ULTRA HOLD(TM) Rug Pads are only available from Rug Pads for Less(TM).

Kent Natural Shine NS08 Radial Pure Bristle Brush Small

The Barrel Hair Brush from Kent is made with a wooden handle and features rubber along the handle for added grip. Stylish and filled with black bristles, this brush is ideal for giving luster and bounce to healthy hair. Trust your hair health to Kent! Perfect for is a range that is perfect for every hair type and hair style. It can be hard choosing a hairbrush, so let ‘Perfect for’ take away the worries of selecting a new one. Each pack tells you what each brush is perfect for, with 22 brushes to choose from your creativity can be endless. Perfect for brushes look fantastic too; beech wood handles and iconic black rubber grips which feature an embossed Kent logo makes them perfect for looking good! Kent started out as G. B. Kent & Sons PLC back in 1777 as a family owned business. Today, Kent is the world’s oldest brush manufacturer as well as one of the oldest companies in Great Britain. Proudly displaying the Royal Warrant of Her Majesty the Queen, Kent continues to make high-quality products; including hair brushes, combs, makeup brushes, body brushes, shaving brushes, and clothing brushes. Experience the quality that has continued for 240 years.

CrystalMood Handmade Carved Wood Hair Stick Carp Leap Lacquered

Color:Boxwood Lacquered Red The carp, symbolizes success in business, is captured in this elaborate hand carving in boxwood and lacqured with rich hue. Fashioned into an elaborate 6.75 inch hair stick, this piece will draw attention and begin conversations. It is an eye-catching addition to your wardrobe. Story of Carp’s Leaping over Dragon’s Gate: The Chinese word for carp is ‘li’ which means advantageous or lucrative. Legend has it that the humble carp swims upstream against the rapid currents of the Yellow River to reach the Dragon Gate. Upon preparation it takes a courageous leap over the rapids and across the gate and transformed itself into the celestial dragon. The story symbolizes the olden days’ scholar in preparation for his imperial exam. Upon successful attempt, he will enjoy a lifetime of wealth and prosperity as an imperial officer. The Carp therefore symbolizes great achievements and victories. Boxwood is a small tree and shrub. Due to the limited size of the material, it is rarely used for full-sized pieces of furniture, but more often for small, carved objects or as decorative inlay. Boxwood is very durable and dense (.83-.93 g/cm3), and its fine even texture makes it especially suitable for carving. Numerous varieties, which all produce material of similar characteristics, are widely distributed throughout China; noted timber varieties are also harvested in Hubei, Jiangxi, and Sichuan. The tree grows very slowly, with some varieties reaching only 10-15 cm diameter after 100 years; forests of Laoshan in Shandong produce boxwood trees with diameters reaching 30 cm. The sapwood and heartwood of boxwood are indistinguishable, and their freshly cut pale-yellow color turns to a warm brownish-yellow tone after exposure. Because of its extremely small vessel cells, the texture is exceptionally smooth and fine, and the surface polishes to a silky luster.

Black Compact 2-in-1 Towel Warmer & Ultraviolet Sterilizer Cabinet with 12 Facial Towels

Our brand new model has improved heat sensors for more accurate heating of your towels with less chance of overheating, and better heat level sustainability.This ultra-compact 2-in-1 towel warmer & ultraviolet sterilizer cabinet serves dual purpose for you. With the discretely placed separate function switches, you can run the Sterilizer or the Heat function individually – or both at the same time! Keep your towels at a toasty 175 degrees Fahrenheit. •CE Certified – International Compliance to Safety Standards •Heats up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit •12 facial towel capacity (included) •Removable Towel Grill •Easy-clean drip Tray Included •Separate Power Button so you don’t have to run UV if not needed •175 Watts •Dimensions: 8.25 Liter Capacity / Cabinet External Dimensions: 11.75’d X 13.25’w X 11.25’h / Internal Dimensions: 7.5’d X 9.25’w X 7.25’h FREE: Germicidal Ultraviolet Sterilizer Cabinet Replacement UV Bulb ***Operation Manuals for this and all other LCL Beauty Electronic Devices will be sent via Email to your Amazon account***